Revolutionizing Classroom Furniture: McDowell-Craig Unveils Guide to Next-Level Teacher’s Desks

The recently revamped product page was designed to serve as a comprehensive resource for school administrators and educators. It addresses everything you need to know about teachers’ desks.  SANTA FE SPRINGS, California, March 22, 2024 – McDowell-Craig, the esteemed furniture manufacturer renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and personalized service, proudly announces the launch […]

4 Practical Uses for Nesting Mobile Tables in Academic Settings

Educators understand the importance of economizing space in academic settings. Teachers are constantly tasked with finding new ways to maximize the functionality of their classrooms. The best configurations allow students to focus on the lesson at hand without feeling cramped or getting distracted. The highly versatile nesting mobile flip table from McDowell-Craig is ideal for […]

Why Peninsula Desks Are the Ideal Work Surface for Teachers

Furnishing classrooms is inherently challenging. Since space is limited, every desk–and corresponding chair–should have a relatively small footprint. The desks cannot be too compact, however, or students won’t be able to take notes. The same goes for teachers’ desks, which are arguably harder to design because of the many needs they must fill. Thankfully, there’s […]