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The Ultimate Guide to the Stacking Desk

The Stacking Student Desk is ultralight and extremely durable. The most versatile option in our SchoolHouse™ series, this student table desk has many uses and is customizable to ensure even more flexibility. With two available widths and additional features like spinning castors and adjustable legs, the stacking desk can be configured for all kinds of lesson plans.

What’s more, you can stack them up to five high quickly and easily, so rearranging the classroom is a breeze. Let your educators configure their teaching environments however they need whenever they want to help their students excel.


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How Can the Stacking Desk for Students Optimize the Learning Environment?

Filling a classroom with stationary and bulky desks limits what you can do in it. When each desk for the students can be stacked, on the other hand, you can rearrange the floorplan in a matter of minutes. This greatly enhances the room’s functionality, as well as the kinds of lessons the teacher can give, even during a single class period. 

Here are some of the most common ways that stacking desks can be used:

  1. Display Projects
  2. There’s a reason why the stacking desk is often called the “student table desk.” With its spacious work surface, it might as well be a table, making it ideal for presenting science projects, dioramas, and the like.

  3. Support Collaborative Learning
  4. Individual stacking desks can accommodate groups of two to four students, depending on the task at hand, while several can be pushed together to accommodate much larger groups. They can also be pushed out of the way entirely to make room for lessons that don’t involve desks at all.

    Bulky tables, on the other hand, get in the way of collaborative learning, creating a barrier to engagement. They might be able to accommodate several students, but they make it impossible to reconfigure the room swiftly and easily (and without injury) if students need to work in a different layout.

  5. Maximize Individual Focus
  6. The extended edge is arguably the peninsula desk’s greatest feature. Indeed, it’s what separates the desk from more traditional workspaces. The overhanging tabletop is especially valuable for educators because it gives them the perfect place to confer with students in a low-stress, one-on-one environment. Their students simply have to pull up a chair if they want to chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the stacking desks come in different sizes?

Our Stacking Student Desk is 20 inches deep with two different width options of 28 or 26 inches. Additionally, you can choose a fixed height of 29 inches or an adjustable height of either 24-32 inches or 29-37 inches.

My students are rough on classroom furniture. How long will this desk for students last?

The McDowell-Craig desks have a welded frame construction, which means their strength starts with their foundation. Furthermore, they’re mostly made of steel, and they’re never flat-packed. We don’t engineer our furniture to travel in boxes; we engineer our furniture to last a lifetime.

How high can I stack the student table desks?

We recommend stacking no more than five desks to keep each stack light and moveable.

How long does a stacking desk take to assemble?

No assembly is needed! Our student desks are welded and thus arrive fully assembled

and in padding, which our team is happy to remove and place wherever you want.