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A Complete Guide to Nesting Mobile Flip Tables

The rectangular nesting flip table is the flagship of the SchoolHouse™ series. Designed with true mobility and space efficiency in mind, these tables allow for easy storage when not in use. Their practicality and versatility make them ideal for classrooms of all grades. Not only are they suited for a wide range of activities when in standalone rows, but they can also be rearranged easily to create different learning environments. 

Nesting flip tables are particularly useful in classrooms with limited space as they provide flexible seating that is quickly adaptable to accommodate various tasks and projects. The nesting table is also great in multi-purpose rooms that must be transformed from one type of space to another in a matter of minutes.


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How Can I Use Nesting Flip Tables?

The nesting mobile flip table is a sensible furniture solution for all kinds of classroom scenarios. Here are a few of the most common ways to help students make the most of them:

  1. Set up Individual Workstations
  2. Nesting mobile flip tables can be used as individual workstations for students who are taking notes during lectures or completing assignments on their own. Since they’re available with adjustable legs, their height can be changed to ensure maximum comfort for all. Additional features that students appreciate include modesty panels, cable troughs, desktop power centers, and backpack hooks.

  3. Facilitate Collaborative Group Projects
  4. Rectangular nesting flip tables are ideal for collaborative group assignments. They can be moved around with ease, so there’s no limit to the kinds of configurations you can make. What’s more, their workspace is large enough to accommodate several students at once while still allowing for the use of books, computers, and notebooks. Finally, thanks to their welded frame chassis, sagging under excessive weight is never an issue.

  5. Transform Them into Podiums
  6. With its flip-top design, the nesting mobile flip table can be transformed into a podium of sorts for presentations. Multiple desks can also be arranged so the presenter has a wider surface for displaying materials that accompany the presentation. Educators often love this layout so much that they keep it after students have finished their presentations and continue using the expanded tabletop for their lectures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nesting mobile flip table

A nesting flip table is a table designed to be placed alongside one or more other tables. In traditional home decor, these tables are often graduated in size; however, in classroom settings, they’re usually all the same height.

What are the advantages of using rectangular nesting flip tables in the classroom?

Educators like nesting flip tables for three main reasons. First, they are multi-purpose. Because of their mobility and size, they can be used for everything from arts and crafts to presentations to science experiments to snack time. Second, their no-frills configuration is easy to clean, so schools can maintain a hygienic learning environment. Third, they can be nested together when not in use and stored in a compact space, so they don’t take up much room when they’re not needed.

How large is the typical nesting flip table?

Nesting tables are incredibly versatile and designed for a host of purposes, so there are no standard dimensions. At McDowell-Craig, we offer tables that range in size from 28” by 18” to 72” by 33”. The optimal size for you will depend on a number of factors, including the age of the students, the kinds of assignments they’ll be working on, and the size of the classroom where the tables will be going.

Are nesting flip tables hard to assemble?

If you order mobile nesting flip tables from McDowell Craig, you don’t have to worry about assembling them yourself. We will assemble everything at our factory and then ship the tables to you in protective blankets. Our delivery team will also be happy to help you position the desks in the appropriate classrooms and then unwrap them.