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A Complete Guide to Peninsula Desks

Peninsula Desks offer an ample work surface with an elongated edge that curves over its legs. While you can find these desks in massive – and often bulky – configurations, a more streamlined design is ideal for teachers. Because classrooms have limited space, they can generally only accommodate desks with small footprints. That doesn’t mean teachers have to sacrifice storage capacity or one-on-one conferences, though. The right configuration will provide everything your educators need to help their students succeed without overtaking the room.


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How Can I Use a Peninsula Desk?

The best peninsula desks are configured with maximum functionality in mind. Here are just a few of the ways
you can make the most of a peninsula desk’s features:

  1. To Grade Assignments
  2. Thanks to the desk’s expansive workspace, you can organize assignments at different stages of the grading process with ease. You can make half a dozen piles of papers, for example, and still have plenty of room left over to write on each individual assignment as you evaluate it.

  3. To Store Files
  4. Peninsula desks that are equipped with locking filing cabinets allow teachers to store their valuables and other personal items securely. The drawers also make it easy for educators to keep their work surface clear, since they can stash all their essential supplies in the top drawer.

  5. To Meet With Students
  6. The extended edge is arguably the peninsula desk’s greatest feature. Indeed, it’s what separates the desk from more traditional workspaces. The overhanging tabletop is especially valuable for educators because it gives them the perfect place to confer with students in a low-stress, one-on-one environment. Their students simply have to pull up a chair if they want to chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How large is the typical peninsula desk?

When it comes to peninsula desks, there are no standard dimensions. Some configurations can fill an entire office, while others are only slightly larger than the average workspace tabletop. For classroom use, it’s generally advisable to opt for a desk with a smaller footprint, so the teacher has plenty of room to lecture around their desk. The sweet spot seems to range from desks that are at least 54”W x 24”D but no larger than 72”W x 30”D.

Are peninsula desks hard to assemble?

If you’re planning on furnishing an entire school, it’s reasonable to worry about assembling desks that have lots of drawers, legs, and edges. If you order from McDowell-Craig, though, you don’t have to handle any aspect of the installation. Our products are assembled at our factory, and then they’re shipped in blankets. Installation is as easy as positioning the desks in the appropriate classrooms and then unwrapping the blankets, which our team is happy to do.

What is the best chair to pair with a peninsula desk?

When furnishing an academic institution, the best chairs to choose really depend on the educators, rather than the desks. There are a few general features, however, that are always worth prioritizing. Examples include ergonomic elements that promote circulation, adequate lumbar support, adjustable arms, swivel/tilt capabilities, and a memory foam seat.

Can peninsula desks be mobile?

There are lots of scenarios in which educators might want to move their desks out of the way while lecturing. Thankfully, it’s possible to get peninsula desks with locking wheels. This additional feature makes it easy for teachers to secure their desks when they need a tabletop and to slide them out of the way when they don’t.