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An Educator’s Guide to the Boomerang Desk

The boomerang student desk merges ultralight construction with durable design, making it ideal for almost any academic endeavor. With their welded frame “V” apron, these desks are easy to move around the classroom until they’re in the best configuration for the task at hand. 

Students of all ages can benefit from the desk’s playful shape and expansive tabletop, which is well-suited for both individual and group learning activities. As an added benefit, the McDowell-Craig’s boomerang desk is available with adjustable height legs, including a standing height option for maximum functionality and versatility.


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How Can I Use Boomerang Desks?

The boomerang student desk is the perfect choice for furnishing classrooms of virtually all grades in almost all subjects. Here are some of the most common ways these workstations can be set up for students so they excel:

  1. For Individual Learning
  2. Boomerang desks offer spacious individual workstations and make it easy for the students sitting at them to focus on the material being taught. One of the most popular configurations for individual learning is setting up the desks in rows. The desks can then be positioned in such a way that each student is able to see both the board and the instructor as he or she moves about the front of the classroom.

  3. For Group Learning
  4. Placing boomerang desks in pairs of two or groups of three or more is a great way to facilitate collaboration among students. You can also fit up to three students comfortably at one desk for more spirited discussions. Whether students are sitting side-by-side or across from one another, they can work together in a cohesive way. This setup also allows teachers to give mini-lessons over the course of the period. They can simply ask everyone to turn their chairs and face the front for a brief lecture before resuming the group discussion.

  5. For Standing Learning
  6. Sitting for long stretches of time does a number on the body. With standing desks, however, schools can promote better overall health. The benefits of doing work at a standing desk include better circulation and more oxygen flow to the brain. Both of these physiological responses can actually make it easier for students to receive and retain information, thereby enhancing the learning experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a boomerang student desk?

McDowell-Craig boomerang student desks are ergonomically designed desks that promote flexibility and adaptability in classroom settings. Their unique shape and versatile features can support both student- and teacher-focused learning in individual and group arrangements.

Can I customize the boomerang desk?

Yes, McDowell-Craig takes pride in offering a number of custom options for the boomerang desk for sale. Customers can choose the color of the laminate, edge, and coating, as well as the leg height. There are also several optional features that can be added to every desk. Furthermore, Boomerang student desks are available in four different dimensions.

Will I have to assemble the boomerang desks myself?

We believe teachers and school administrators should not have to assemble furniture themselves. Our desks are assembled at our factory before being wrapped in protective blankets and shipped. Once they reach you, our delivery team will set them up for you.

What are the benefits of boomerang desks for students?

The unique boomerang shape was designed to accommodate the natural movements of students as they work in a comfortable and ergonomic way. This design also adapts to numerous needs in the modern classroom. Additionally, since they’re easy to move, the desks can be arranged with ease to support the best possible learning experience for the lesson at hand.