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4 Practical Uses for Nesting Mobile Tables in Academic Settings

Educators understand the importance of economizing space in academic settings. Teachers are constantly tasked with finding new ways to maximize the functionality of their classrooms. The best configurations allow students to focus on the lesson at hand without feeling cramped or getting distracted.

The highly versatile nesting mobile flip table from McDowell-Craig is ideal for many learning environments. Not only does it save space and store easily, but it also offers an expansive workspace that can be utilized in a number of ways.

Wondering how exactly schools can use the nesting flip table? Let’s start with four fundamental ways.

1. In CTE (Career and technical education) Labs

Technology is a mainstay in the world today, particularly in educational settings from the elementary to the university level. Envision your students sitting at a nesting mobile flip table as you provide a lesson in tech—perhaps a middle school typing class offered as an elective or a lesson on the latest software for submitting assignments online.

If your institution teaches coding—a sound investment, by the way, since coding can help increase creativity, and improve cross-disciplinary understanding across multiple subjects—you may want several students seated around one nesting table while they work on the latest language.

When ordering mobile tables for CTE labs, make sure to opt for additional features like the desktop power center and independent cable trough for maximum functionality.

2. As Single Workstations

The nesting table provides a two-in-one experience. Students can collaborate with others, but they can also work alone.

Imagine an instructor giving a lesson on the basic math behind the Pythagorean Theorem. The students will need to glean information individually and take their own notes, which is easy to do on the spacious work surface of a nesting table. Or perhaps students are learning about symbolism from the work of a selected author. If each is expected to record takeaways from the lecture, they can do so with ease at their own workstations.

The versatile quality of the nesting mobile flip table ensures that teachers and administrators can create the optimal learning environment for students across all subjects.

3. For Group Projects

Some lessons call for a team effort. Examples include collaborating on lab experiments, practicing group presentations, and working through logic problems together. In such scenarios, rather than pushing many desks together—which can take time and may damage the floor—teachers can roll out the nesting mobile flip tables and configure them as needed. Each individual desk can seat several students. The tabletops can also be pushed together for interactive discussions involving the entire class.

4. As Presentation Podiums

Public speaking is a skill that students must hone over the course of their academic careers. The nesting mobile flip table provides the perfect surface to display visuals during a presentation.

Is someone presenting the findings of a science experiment on a tri-board or conducting part of the experiment in real-time? Does a student want to share visuals that support their persuasive argument? They can do so with ease on the nesting mobile flip table. The work surface is also ideal for educators, offering a space to rest visuals that can help make their lectures come alive.

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